Cyanna Mercury to release debut full length album ‘Archetypes’

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Greek psychedelic rock act Cyanna Mercury is scheduled to release its debut full length album, titled “Archetypes” on November 21, 2016 on vinyl and digital.

“Archetypes” was produced by Dimitris Lilis & Cyanna Mercury, recorded at Artracks Studios, Athens, Greece, engineered and mixed by Alex Bolpasis (producer of acknowledged Greek rock acts The Noise Figures, Whereswilder etc.) and mastered by James Plotkin (Electric Wizard, Moon Duo, Merzbow, John Carpenter, St. Vitus etc.). The album’s cover artwork was created by American artist Kyle Fite.

Watch the corresponding video teaser:

Cyanna_Mercury_-_ArchetypesCyanna Mercury will perform a live presentation of “Archetypes”, on Thursday December 22, at Gagarin 205 Live Music Space, in Athens, Greece. For more information about the gig, visit the corresponding facebook event page:

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