Kreator: “We’ve never seen Metal as a trend”


Kreator is one of the best thrash metal bands, not only in Europe but also in all over the world. Just a few days before their visit in Greece, Sami Yli-Sirniö answered all of our questions…

Any metalhead (at least of some age) considers Kreator as one of the top ten (if not top five) thrash metal groups ever. What’s the main reason for this accomplishment?

Thank you for the compliment Fedon. I hope music is the reason. Persistence and not giving up might also have something to do with it. For us music comes first.


The 80s were a truly successful metal decade. Some people believe that the current decade is even more successful. What do you think of that?

The whole structure of the music business has changed immensely since the 80’s. For Kreator we have more people coming to our shows than ever before. I like to think of that as some kind of a success and I hope people will be coming to our shows in the future as well. I’ve never seen Metal as a trend. It’s something that keeps on living underground due to loyal fans and good music.


Many magazines and websites mark 2001’s ‘Violent Revolution’ as the “return” of Kreator. Do you agree?

It was the first album with the current line-up and perhaps changed the sound of the band to what we can still hear today. Although the band has been more or less active all the time since the mid 80’s.

Sami_Yli-Sirni_Kreator_2016gAre you working on new music right now?

We are planning to. Ideas are always there but so far no demos for the next album. Soon. Currently we are focusing on touring.


In what extent does the political scene inspire your music?

It can serve as an inspiration. Especially in 2018 as you could imagine. Nobody is trying to provide any answers but Metal is a good way of expressing negative feelings that might arouse of many political issues and misconducts that happen all over the world.


All members of Kreator are around 50 years old. It’s common knowledge that touring, recording and dealing with record companies can be very energy absorbing. Have you ever thought of quitting music because of all that?

I am 45 and feel quite young. Music makes me feel young and I don’t have any retirement plans today. Do you?

What worries you most about the world situation today?

Discrepancies in income are growing larger and larger also in Europe and around the world. This is bound to lead into severe problems in society. Policies of the current United States government are also not at all to my liking and I believe I speak for many people saying this. Not to mention War.

Can you point out a remarkably happy or exciting moment of the group, during the last 15 years?

Today is not that bad starting an almost 3 month tour. Future is so bright that I gotta wear shades.

Author: Fedon Kitridis