Imperial State Electric: “We got songs enough for at least three more albums at this very moment, but we ’re not working on a new album as of yet”


Imperial State Electric is a band, Sweden can be very proud of. Although they exist for less than a decade, they fairly enjoy a great mound of success. This of course comes as a result, from their members past and the music they play. The leader of the band Nicke Andersson, was also known for his work with The Hellacopters, another great band of the Swedish music scene. After the disbanding of The Hellacopters in 2008, Nicke moved along for his next music chapter. Without any great announcements, Imperial State Electric were founded, doing simply what they know best. Playing simply rock n’ roll. The band release new material frequently and they borrow elements from the entire rock n’ roll and blues scene, many generation have enjoyed. In other words, they are a modern band that keeps the pure rock n’ roll flame, burning!

Many people around the world (not only here in Greece) consider IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, as well as THE HELLACOPTERS in the past, as one of the finest music products of Sweden. How do you feel about it?

– That makes me feel very flattered and fortunate.

The connection between metal music and the members of the band is very tight. How does metal music affect the music of IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC?

– It depends on what you mean with metal. I do love a lot of metal music, but I feel a strong aversion to some. Anything I listen to inspires me to write music, so indirectly metal does affect the music of IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, although I wouldn’t call us a metal band. I consider us a rock and roll band.

Tell us the name of a band (if there is really one) that all the members of IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC love the most.


Does the work with IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC affect the work with other bands, you are all part of?

– I guess a little bit but more indirectly than directly.

How are things going with Psychout Records?

– Psychout Records is mainly my production company, rather than a record company. I don’t release any albums myself.

ISE_2016_BW1_Photo_Johan-BergmarkWhat’s your biggest complaint about today’s music industry?

– It is what it is and there’s not much I can do on my own to change anything, so I guess there’s no need to complain. Everything is however trickier financially these days so that may be one.

In your opinion, is it easier now or twenty years ago for a new band to start up?

– The networking aspect today is way easier, but there’s also a lot more bands, artists and releases to filter through. It’s hard to say but it’s never been easy, just different kinds of obstacles to tackle.

Considering the frequent release of new albums, can we suppose that you are working on new IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC material right now?

– We got songs enough for at least three more albums at this very moment but we ’re not working on a new album as of yet. Soon though.

Do you enjoy touring or is it an inevitable part of a band’s life?

– Writing and recording music is what I enjoy most of being part of a band but I do like touring as well. Nothing can beat a really good show.

The death of guitarist Robert Dahlqvist has been one of the saddest recent events. How did (or should I say do) you feel about it?

– I feel heartbroken and he will forever be missed.


Starting with Lemmy in late 2015, many great personalities of music passed away until now. One of them was Chuck Berry, less than a month ago. What are your thoughts on this?

– Time is catching up on the old guard. It’s sad but it’s also part of life. What’s sadder is that I really don’t see anyone filling all these empty shoes.

.Is there anything else (not necessarily about music), you would like to say to the Greek fans? – Not more than that we are super excited to finally come and play in Greece and we can’t wait to get there!

Author: Fedon Kitridis